20 Aug 2014
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Police Blotter: The Smell Was Fine, The Problem Was Noise

Also, a couple of domestic issues—one that you won't believe.

Police Blotter: The Smell Was Fine, The Problem Was Noise

Some Rancho Santa Margarita revelers were engaging in a smoking good time on Sunday, but their equipment was too loud for its own good.

A caller to the Orange County Sheriff Department was annoyed by neighbors who were smoking marijuana in a nearby RSM residence. 

The caller wasn’t bothered by the smell of the smoke. No, he was good with that. It was the loud noises coming from the bong they were using that he found so troublesome.

According to the caller, he could hear the smoking device being used by each participant, and he found the din to be unbearable.

The call came in around 10 p.m. on Sunday, from the 29700 block of Melinda Road.

We totally understand why this fight occurred

This has bad idea written all over it. A woman allows her ex-husband to live at her residence. However, trouble erupted when he invited his new wife over without getting his ex-wife's permission. Where do we even begin to ask questions? The disturbance call was made Tuesday, 10:37 p.m., from Via Cuidado. 

Man arrested after loud fight with woman

OCSD was contacted because a distraught woman claimed that her boyfriend punched her in the face before pushing her to the ground.

The 22-year-old man then left their shared Rancho Santa Margarita apartment on foot, although deputies eventually caught up to the man.

He said he pushed the woman, who apparently hit her head when she fell, but he did not punch her, he said.

He was taken into custody and held on $50,000 bail at the Musick Facility.

The call came in around 3 p.m. on Sunday, from Via Amistosa.

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The following is a summary report of calls from Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, Trabuco Canyon and Las Flores to the Orange County Sheriff's Department from September 2 to September 4.

Traffic Stop 8:59 p.m. Tuesday, on Antonio Parkway and Tijeras Creek. Deputies arrested a 34-year-old man, who is being held on $25,000 bail at the Central Mens Jail.

Suspicious Person/Circumstances 3:02 p.m. Tuesday, on Sarracenia. An informant saw a camouflage-clad teen carry a gun and hide behind a neighbor’s bush. Deputies confirmed that a group of boys were playing with Airsoft guns.

Suspicious Person/Circumstances 6:19 a.m. Tuesday, 21900 block of Alma Aldea. A man saw someone attempt to start a fire.

Suspicious Person/Circumstances 4:41 a.m. Tuesday, on Oso Parkway and the 241 Toll Road. A caller wanted deputies to look for a man who was sitting on a metal barricade by the entrance to the toll road.

Traffic Accident 3:21 a.m. Tuesday, 22400 block of Alma Aldea. An informant saw an accident occur between two vehicles. Apparently, two people were stuck inside one of the cars, but someone helped them out. Deputies arrested one of the drivers, a 23-year-old man, because he had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. He was cited and released from the Intake Release Center.

Stolen Vehicle 1:47 a.m. Sunday, 22700 block of El Prado. A man reported his black Lexus as stolen.

Disturbance 2:30 a.m. Sunday, on Wild Horse Loop. A caller said teens were in the community pool after hours, drinking alcohol.

You can read about more incidents on the Orange County Sheriff's Department blotter.

These reports are culled from the Orange County Sheriff's website. Not all facts in each report are made public; the outcome of the report may differ from the original blotter item. There should be no assumption of guilt based on this limited information.

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