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Two Dozen RSM-Area Teachers on the Chopping Block

Six schools and 26 teachers could be affected by the proposed layoff by the Capistrano Unified School District. Among the targets: Tesoro football coach Brian Barnes, and 60 percent of first-grade teachers at Las Flores Elementary.

Two Dozen RSM-Area Teachers on the Chopping Block

Tesoro High could lose eight teachers and Las Flores Elementary could lose more than half its first-grade teachers if a proposed list of personnel cuts is implemented by the Capistrano Unified School District.

All told, 26 local teachers at six schools are affected.

Three elementary schools would lose 14 teachers, while two middle schools could lose four teachers and Tesoro High could lose eight.

Teachers included in the list include Brian Barnes, a physical education teacher who is also the school's football coach.

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Three of the five first-grade teachers at Las Flores Elementary are also on the list, and half the third-grade teachers at Tijeras Creek are also threatened. 

Hardest hit are first-grade teachers, as four are listed; three teachers are targeted in third and fifth grades.

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Special education also took a hit, with three teachers listed.

The chart below includes each Rancho Santa Margarita-area school that has a teacher who received a layoff letter dated March 1.

There are three potential statuses: Permanent, meaning the teachers have tenure; "rehired/temp" means they were previously either permament or in a probationary period and were laid off, then later rehired as a temporary employee; and, temporary, meaning they work on one-year contracts.

To read why the district finds itself in this bind, and how this year's laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past, .

Arroyo Vista Middle

Name                           Year HiredStatus Grade/SubjectNotesCarolyn Carrie        
2004 Rehired/temp Social Science
Ashley Inskeep 2010 Temporary Music

Las Flores Elementary

Steffanie Garcia 2002 Rehired/Temp First Grade
Laura Goetsch-Gates 2002 Rehired/Temp First Grade
Maryann Mackey 2001 Rehired/Temp First Grade
Wendy Park 2010 Rehired/Temp Special Ed
Angela Portnoff 2003 Rehired/Temp Fifth Grade

Las Flores Middle

Johanna Heavlin-Martinez   
2006 Rehired/Temp Social Science
Lynette Pagano 2011 Rehired/Temp Special Education Mild/Moderate

Tesoro High

Brian Barnes 2007 Rehired/Temp PE Football Coach
John Beukema 2011 Temporary English
Judith Blakeney 2011 Rehired/Temp English
Ambreen Chak 2009 Temporary Math
Elizabeth Evans 2001 Permanent Art
Jenny Holen 2007 Rehired/Temp Life Science
Megan Leiva 2011 Rehired/Temp Physical & Life Science
Pedro Pulido 2011 Rehired/Temp Spanish

Tijeras Creek

Melissa Cox 2002 Rehired/Temp First Grade
Diana Morgan 2001 Rehired/Temp Fifth Grade
Laura Null 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Christin Peterson 2002 Rehired/Temp Third Grade
Lari Portas 2001 Rehired/Temp Third Grade
Celeste Swanson 2001 Rehired/Temp Third Grade

Wagon Wheel

Todd Hoffman 2002 Rehired/Temp Fifth Grade
Lisa Kopczynski 2002 Rehired/Temp Fourth Grade
Elizabeth Morris 2002 Rehired/Temp Second Grade

Breakdown of Cuts
ClassTotalFirst Grade 4 Second Grade 1 Third Grade 3 Fourth Grade 1 Fifth Grade 3 Art 1 English 2 Math 1 Music 1 Physical Education  1 Special Education 3 Science 2 Social Science 2 Spanish 1

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