21 Aug 2014
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Letter: If AES Is Gone, Where Will We Get Power?

Kathryn Wright asks from where Redondo Beach Unified School District will get power if AES Redondo Beach is retired.

Letter: If AES Is Gone, Where Will We Get Power?

If Redondo Beach Unified School District opposes the retrofitting and improvements done by AES to their power plant, then where will the power to run the lights by which the students and faculty need to run their educational "plants"? There is a wonderfully redone Redondo Union High School fitted out beautifully with a lot power needs. And then there is housing and so on and more high-density population than when I grew up in the 1950s and the 1960s, when smog was an actual problem in the whole Los Angeles Basin.

Do people treat students who graduated in those classes as mental deficients due to the clinical psychologists in the region? Is another dog park a need based on common sense or based on psychologists and psychology?

I am reading of the dreamers who desire to fix the whole waterfront to something more "fetching." I have seen through the years so many "renditions" of the waterfront and piers in Redondo Beach, it makes my head spin. If the "dreamers" desire to make changes—and I mean huge changes—let them make them after Mother Nature takes her next turn at making the Harbor a big mess. Don't use money that I understand the taxpayers already are trying to pay in property taxes, bond issues and even from "foundations," etc.

I love the improvements on the Esplanade. The Redondo Beach/Torrance coastline and beaches are among the most beautiful in the world currently, so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Kathryn M. Wright
Redondo Beach Property Owner
Graduate Aviation High School 1964

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