Jul 29, 2014

SCE Offering Rebates on Pool Pumps

A $200 cash rebate for the purchase of variable-speed pool pumps and motors is available to Southern California Edison single-family residential customers.

SCE Offering Rebates on Pool Pumps

Southern California Edison customers with swimming pools can take advantage of a $200 cash rebate when they purchase a new variable-speed pool pump and motor, the South Bay Environmental Services Center announced in a recent news release.

The rebates are available for single-family residential customers who purchase a new pool pump between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of this year, according to SCE. The pump must be installed by Feb. 28, 2013.

According to the release, a pool's pump and motor operates every day of the year, regardless of whether the pool is in use.

A single-speed motor for an average-sized pool with 20,000 gallons of water that needs cycling once per day takes six hours to cycle and can cost about $870 per year to operate, according to SCE. Meanwhile, a variable-speed motor for the same pool takes 12 hours to cycle and costs about $436 per year.

"It takes far less energy to move the large amount of water in a pool slowly rather than quickly," the SBESC said in the news release. "Replacing a power-hungry, single-speed pool pump with a slower, more efficient variable-speed pump is a money-saving, energy-wise decision."

Besides the approximate $400 annual savings on energy bills, the newer pool pumps are quieter, last longer and provide more efficient daily filtration.

To take advantage of the rebate, a pool owner should purchase the new pool equipment and submit the completed and signed rebate application form to SCE.

SCE is also offering rebates on Energy Star-qualified refrigerators, whole house fans, energy efficient single- or two-stage ducted evaporative cooling systems, portable room air conditioners, efficient electric storage water heaters and hybrid electric heat pump water heaters. More information is available on the utility's website.

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