21 Aug 2014
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Thieves Discover It's Easy to Steal from Unlocked Cars

Redondo Beach police blotter.

Thieves Discover It's Easy to Steal from Unlocked Cars

Someone thought it would be easy to steal from vehicles in parking structures this month in Redondo Beach.

And whoever it was, he/she was right. Once the suspect figured out how to gain entry, from there it was easy pickin’s.

Between March 20 and March 21, someone lifted a lot of tools from a truck bed parked in a structure in the 100 block of Vista Del Mar. Stolen were a circular saw, reciprocating saw and battery kit, three battery charger kits, five compact batteries, two nail guns, three grout blades, two squares and two tool bags.

Same timeframe, same place, someone opened an unlocked vehicle and helped himself to an iPhone cord and charger, watch, clothing, shoes and boots, yoga bag, towel, sunglasses, iPad 2 with keyboard, case, water, garage door opener, and tool box.

Between March 21 and March 22, a theft was reported in the 500 block of Esplanade. Someone broke into a parking structure, but like the other thefts, from there, it was easy. An unlocked car provided two socket tool sets, a black case and a silver case for the taking.

Moral of the story: Lock your car, even inside a secured garage.

These are selected reports from the Redondo Beach Police Department throughout the past few weeks. No presumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the information provided. 

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