23 Aug 2014
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Been Hearing 'Pile-Driving' Sounds Around Town Lately?

It's all part of the Redwood City Port's Wharf Rebuilding project.

Been Hearing 'Pile-Driving' Sounds Around Town Lately? Been Hearing 'Pile-Driving' Sounds Around Town Lately?


By the City of Redwood City

If you've been hearing loud pounding noises around Redwood City lately, we may have some answers for you.

The Port of Redwood City is in the midst of major improvements, and the Wharf Rebuilding Project began work last week.

The reconstruction of Wharves One and Two and the adjacent areas that support these wharves has been underway for a few months now, City representatives said in an e-bulletin sent out last week.

"This improvements will enable the Port to better serve its existing and projected customer base while remaining flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions," the statement read.

The statement included a list of facts to help get the community up-to-speed on the work that is being done currently, and help explain any loud "pile-driving" noises residents may have been wondering about.

  • Demolition of the old wharves and adjacent warehouse, dating back to the 1940s, is nearly complete.
  • The demolition of Wharves One and Two and the warehouse was completed late last month.
  • The new, seismically designed, concrete wharf - which is 425 feet long by 70 feet wide - will be supported by 113 concrete pilings.
  • Pile-driving began this past Thursday, Nov. 15, and will continue through approximately Dec. 31 during the day.
  • Construction of the new wharves is expected to be complete by late 2013.

View "before" and "after" photos of the work on the Port of Redwood City's Facebook page.


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