Jul 30, 2014

Bicycle Sundays on Cañada Road

Bicycle Sundays on Cañada Road

Bicycle Sunday is an opportunity for riders of all ages and levels of experience to bike (or walk, run, skate, etc.) down Cañada Road while it is closed off from all motor vehicles.  It’s really popular in the cycling community.  Just check out Bicycle Sunday’s Yelp page and some of the reviews below:

“I can't believe we have a road like this, essentially in our backyard, 12 months out of the year.  I travel so much for work and am stuck in places like Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, DC, ATL, PHX and they do not have pothole-free, relatively car-free roads replete with fresh air and foggy breezes from the Pacific.  I have almost wrecked because I got distracted looking at the 100's of birds descending to Crystal Springs, or seeing the coyotes, deer, hares and other critters appear on cue on this beautiful road.” Justin L.

“This event is a great way to re-acquaint yourself with bicycling or to learn how to ride for the first time. Closed road, lightly rolling hills, and gourgeous scenery make this a winner. Parking (ironic, I know) is ample at either end.  The Pulgas Water Temple, which marks and celebrates the terminus of the 167-mile Hetch-Hetchy aqueduct, is along the closed road and makes for a great rest stop or even a picnic area.” Brett L.

“I just rode this Sunday and it was great. I've only just gotten back into biking in the past month and trying some trails in the Bay Area while I'm here and this was challenging but not too bad, and as a previous reviewer wrote there are not only the serious bikers but families and causal bikers such as me. Many recommend starting at the lower end of the trail but I started near Highway 92 because I was worried about parking. But the headwinds coming back were pretty tough which is why some recommend the opposite. I definitely felt I had a good workout and the view along the reservoir is beautiful. It's nice not having to worry about holding up the serious bikers because there is plenty of room for them to pass.” Jim M.

However, Bicycle Sundays is currently scrambling for funds, especially to cover the cost of employing rangers to maintain the road closure.  San Mateo County has partnered with Citizinvestor in order to crowdfund enough support for at least three more months of Bicycle Sundays.  The effort has been really successful so far, and we’re 15% of the way to the $10,800 goal.  If you’d like to support this cause, please consider spreading the word via social media, embedding the widget (which can be found here) into your webpage, or making a direct investment as an individual.  We still need to raise $9,175 in the next month, but with enough help from the community, this goal can be met.  Every bit helps!

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