21 Aug 2014
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Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt

At the new Yoppi Yogurt on Theatre Way, you can pump your own yogurt, experiment with flavors, try more than 50 different topping combinations, and even vote on what new flavors the store will get in each week.

Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt Build Your FroYo Creation at Yoppi Yogurt

Yes, the weather has been a tad colder the past week, but any frozen yogurt lover will tell you, it's one of the few treats that tastes good no matter what the temperature.

If you subscribe to that philosophy, you may be glad to know that Redwood City is now home to Yoppi Yogurt at 851 Middlefield Road, otherwise known as Theatre Way. Yoppi Yogurt opened its doors in late September and just celebrated its grand opening on Oct. 15.

Owner Brad Bainbridge says, fans of chains like PinkBerry will surely appreciate Yoppi Yogurt - but that Yoppi has a few extra features that make it unique.

"It's a familiar concept," Bainbridge said, "but we have some fun, unique things about our store."

For example, customers get to pump their own yogurt at Yoppi. As they entire the store, they select their size from a collection of empty containers, and get to wander the yogurt pumps to select their chosen flavor.

And, Bainbridge adds, they can feel free to sample as many flavors as they like, to help them make their decision.

"I want people to experience all the flavors before picking the one they like," he said.

Yoppi prides itself on carrying a wide selection of flavors, with classics like French Vanilla and chocolate, as well as several tart flavors like Signature Tart and Strawberry Tart.

"We definitely have a strong contingent of people who like tarts," Bainbridge said.

Yoppi also carries unconventional flavors like Yellow Cake Butter, Cappuccino and Peanut Butter.

"Peanut Butter has been incredibly popular," he said.

And, for the health conscious, Yoppi always has at least a few choices that are non-fat or low-fat, and Bainbridge said, "no sugar added" is always an option as well.

Once you've selected your size and pumped your favorite flavor, it's time to enter topping heaven.

"We have more than 50 different topping combinations to choose from," Bainbridge said.

There's an entire section of fresh toppings such as fruit, cookie dough and crumbles, Reese's peanut butter cups and more, as well as an old-fashioned row of topping dispensers hanging on the wall, with favorites like gummy bears, nuts and more.

And, much like with the yogurt, everything is "help-yourself." At the end, no matter how big or small your personal yogurt creation is, the price is 45 cents per ounce.

To add a further element of fun, Bainbridge and his staff encourage every customer to visit the "voting wall," where Bainbridge puts up a few new flavors he is considering bringing in for the following week for people to vote on.

Bainbridge also likes to experiment with new and seasonal toppings as well.

"A couple weeks ago, I brought in some fresh pomegranate seeds as a topping choice, and it was really popular," he said. "And for Halloween, I brought in Count Chocula and Frankberries cereal for toppings, just for fun."

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, Bainbridge said Yoppi will be getting into the spirit by offering holiday flavors like Eggnog and Pumpkin Pie.

Bainbridge said, business at Yoppi continues to get better as more and more people learn about the store.

"Friday and Saturday nights have been pretty strong," he said. "We're still getting the word out and letting everybody know we're here."

Bainbridge said he has been spreading the word by advertising in programs for shows, and that in the next week he will be offering a 50 percent off coupon on local deals website Juice in the City.

He has also been working with local schools to offer promotions, such as 10 percent off for students - or 15 percent off if they "like" Yoppi Yogurt on Facebook or "check in" on Yelp.com when they arrive. He has also donated gift certificates for local school fundraisers.

"I'm excited," Bainbridge said of his new business. "And I'm really proud of how great the store looks."

Yoppi Yogurt is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.  Visit www.yoppiyogurt.com or call 650-556-1602.

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