Jul 28, 2014
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Don’t Forget This Halloween Shopping Guide

Redwood City has plenty of places to find the best deals on candy and costumes.

Don’t Forget This Halloween Shopping Guide Don’t Forget This Halloween Shopping Guide

Ghouls and goblins aren’t the only things to be feared this Halloween. Running out of fun-sized candy amidst a rush of trick-or-treating neighbors or trying to snag a last-minute costume a few hours before your party—those are the real nightmares.


Whether you’re stocking up on candy corn because it’s your all-time-favorite sugar fix or you just need a big bag of mini Snickers for the coming trick-or-treaters, you’ve got plenty of shopping options in Redwood City.

If you want to aim for the cool factor with your Halloween candy, has a great selection of spooky treats like their packages of gummy body parts, running between $1.50 and $4.50 each when you buy 2. Their big bags of Hershey’s, Skittles, and Wonka candies are on sale this week for $7.99 while smaller bags will run you between three dollars and seven dollars.

has just two fun size candy options, both selling for $13.99. They’ve got between 100 and 150 pieces in them with candies like M&Ms, Hershey’s, and Nestlé.

At , be sure to peruse the Halloween aisle for tons of great deals on candy. Their 100 packs of mini Almond Joy, Heath, and Reese’s are just $9.99 while other big bags with 70-100 pieces are between nine dollars and $13. Smaller 10 oz. bags are mostly $2.50, and the “jumbo” bags, about twice the size, are five dollars.


Looking for costumes for your kids? Redwood City does have a few options, plus is always a sure bet. From your favorite Star Trek character to the traditional vampire or witch, this place has it all. You can find the perfect costume for your 2-year-old or 12 –year-old.

Costco has a small section of costumes for babies and girls. Your toddlers can dress up as a cute cow, cat, dragon or tiger for $12.99 while girls can choose to be a Disney princess, medieval queen, pirate or cowgirl with a price tag between $15 and $20. Unfortunately, you’ll be out of luck if you’re looking for boys’ costumes, any sort of makeup, masks or costume accessories.

Be sure to also check out for fun unique pieces that may inspire your entire costume. (Editor Stacie Chan found this fantastic neon orange floral dress that was the basis for her political hippie costume.)

Some Safeway stores carry some costumes, so make sure to ask when you’re picking up your Halloween candy.

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