Jul 28, 2014
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Photos: Steve Jobs Lives on in County History Museum

The 'Entrepreneurs' exhibit features pioneers in field from finance to biotech.

Four months after Steve Jobs death, his legacy lives on. Not just in the hands of millions of Americans who carry around the sleek iPhone4 or the artists designing their latest project on a Mac, but at the .

The “San Mateo County History Makers: Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World” Exhibit features numerous entrepreneurs who change the way people all over the world live, most notably Steve Jobs’ NeXt.

From innovations that make banking more accessible to microchips that speed communications to advances in medicine, all of them occurred right here in San Mateo County.

The Entrepreneurs:
A.P. Giannini, Bank of America
Alexander Poinitoff, Ampex
Gordon Moore, Intel
Herbert Boyer & Robert Swanson, Genentech
Trip Hawkins, &
Steve Jobs, NeXT in Redwood City
Charles B. Johnson, Franklin Templeton Investments
Rod McLellan, Rod McLellan Company
Dr. Thomas Fogarty, Inventor Balloon Catheter
Thomas M. Siebel, Siebel Systems, Inc.
Miller Ream, Borel Estate Company
Charles Litton, Litton Engineering
Clarence N. Wolfe, Television Pioneer

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