Jul 28, 2014

King's Skate Country to be Reopened as 'The Rink'

A new owner has been found for the iconic roller skating rink.

King's Skate Country to be Reopened as 'The Rink' King's Skate Country to be Reopened as 'The Rink' King's Skate Country to be Reopened as 'The Rink' King's Skate Country to be Reopened as 'The Rink' King's Skate Country to be Reopened as 'The Rink'

After sitting dark for about a month, the landmark roller skating rink formerly known as will reopen in two weeks, one of its new owners has announced.

The space will be leased by three businessmen who met at the Bradshaw Road rink 25 years ago.

"Our passion is for King's Skate Country and the friends that we’ve met here," said Brad Armstrong, one of the new owners. "That’s the reason that we’re 'saving' King's Skate Country."

The business' new name will be The Rink, and it will open with an all-night skating session April 15.

Armstrong, 40, currently owns and operates Roller Kingdom, a roller rink in Reno. The other owners will be Rich Jordan of Baker Burglar Alarm in Rancho Cordova, and Alex Johnson, who Armstrong described as a "handyman."

Armstrong said his first time on roller skates was at King's Skate Country when he was just 5 years old.

"My first time ever on the skating floor, I stepped on the floor and I fell, and a kid laughed at me," he said. "And my mission from then on was to trip him, and then we became good friends..."

He said the trio has already started remodeling, starting with new tile in all the bathrooms. They'll also add video monitors, new lights and fog machines, and bring back a regular adults-only skate night.

"We're definitely going to futurize it," Armstrong said.

Residents who have suggestions for The Rink are asked to text message 916-880-6881.

The trio has signed a three-year lease, and Armstrong, whose first job was at King's Skate Country, isn't concerned about the economy impacting business at The Rink.

"It's actually better in the bad economy, because you can't take your kids to Disneyland these days, but they still have to have a birthday [party]," he said.

Armstrong said he's looking forward to inviting local schools and sports teams to the rink, as well as holding concerts and bringing in roller derby matches.

"It means a lot to everybody who's a part of the alumni of King's Skate Country," he said. "They all have a place to go [now]. There are always other skating rinks but you always have loyalty to the rink you grew up in."

Armstrong was grateful to businesses that have donated supplies or provided discounts to the new owners, such as Sherwin Williams, Cortopassi Tile & Stone and Tommy Lane Painting.

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