Jul 27, 2014

Poll: A Sales Tax Hike to Fund Schools?

Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed a tax increase. Would you support it?

Poll: A Sales Tax Hike to Fund Schools?

Would you open your wallet if you knew the money would go toward California's ?

Gov. Jerry Brown hopes so, and announced this week that he will try to take an initiative to voters next year asking for "a temporary tax increase."

If OK'd by voters, his proposal would increase income tax by up to 2 percent on "millionaires and high-income earners," and would hike the sales tax by half a cent.

Currently, the sales tax in Sacramento County is 7.75 percent. The extra half-cent would raise the local rate to 8.25 percent.

Brown said in an open letter announcing the plan that the money would go only to schools. Locally, the money is needed, although it might come too late. Jonathan Raymond, the Sacramento City Unified School District superintendent, said last week that even a ballot measure like Brown's would likely arrive after mid-year trigger cuts.

"It won't help us budget for schools in 2012-13," Raymond wrote in an op-ed to the Sacramento Bee.

Rosemont, would you be willing to pay an extra $2.50 in sales tax on a $500 television if you knew the money would be going to schools? Or should the state look elsewhere to find that cash? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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