23 Aug 2014
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RCPD and Sheriff's Deputies Will Periodically Visit Schools

The "Adopt-A-School" Program will have sheriff's deputies working alongside school resource officers.

RCPD and Sheriff's Deputies Will Periodically Visit Schools

Schools in Rosemont may soon be getting extra visits from cops, but not because anything is wrong.

Deputies from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department's East Division, which includes Rosemont, will be visiting local schools to give presentations, discourage criminal behavior and be a liaison with the community.

Schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District are patrolled by school resource officers contracted from the Sacramento Police Department.

More details from the sheriff's department follows:

“Adopt-A-School” Program Underway

The Rancho Cordova Police Department and Sheriff’s East Division have begun a program designed to foster and strengthen the relationships between their schools,local law enforcement and the community as a whole. The “Adopt-A-School” program,which officially began on January 16th, includes nineteen schools throughout the area.

The objective of this program is to cultivate the working relationships that officers and deputies have with students, school staff members and administrators. As part of the program, officers will take time from regular patrol duties to periodically visit the schools within their service areas. They will conduct presentations about the role of law enforcement in the community, while also emphasizing the importance of a quality education, living healthy and drug-free, and abstaining from violent and/or criminal behavior.

Officers working in this capacity will supplement any School Resource Officers already assigned to a campus, and act as a liaison between the school and the community.Other responsibilities for officers may include assisting staff with counseling sessions if necessary, answering questions from school administrators, and being a visible presence on campus while communicating with, and serving as mentors to students.


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