23 Aug 2014
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2 More Dead Birds Found to Have West Nile Virus

Both were crows and both found in Santa Rosa; one dead bird with the disease was found in Marin back in August.

2 More Dead Birds Found to Have West Nile Virus

Two more dead birds infected with West Nile virus have been found in the North Bay, and the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District said Tuesday that continued high temperatures might be partially to blame.

The dead birds, both American crows, were found in Santa Rosa. Lab tests showed they were recently infected with the virus. One bird was found in the vicinity of Occidental Road and Irwin Lane and the other in northwest Santa Rosa near Barnes Road and Dennis Lane.

Vector Control found an infected dead bird, a scrub jay, on Aug. 7 just off Grant Avenue in Novato and three other infected birds were collected in Sonoma County.

"Continued high temperatures are an important factor in the proliferation of West Nile virus in the area," said Erik Hawk, assistant manager of the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District.

The presence of West Nile virus is  high this year in many areas of California, especially in areas where temperatures are high. Standing water coupled with high temperatures creates an ideal situation for rapid mosquito production and elevated levels of the virus within the mosquito, making transmission to humans, birds and animals more likely.

"Technicians are now setting mosquito traps in the vicinity of the dead birds to assess the abundance and species of mosquitoes and to evaluate whether or not they are carrying the virus. All known mosquito breeding sources are being monitored, and technicians are combing the area in search of other sites that may be producing mosquitoes," Hawk said.

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