Jul 28, 2014

PG&E Reports "Wide Acceptance" of SmartMeters, Even in Fairfax

Even as the Town Council prepares to discuss the matter, PG&E indicates the discussion is moot. What do you think?

PG&E Reports "Wide Acceptance" of SmartMeters, Even in Fairfax


On the eve of the to discuss extending a moratorium on SmartMeter installation, PG&E has announced relatively few people have "opted out" of the controversial program.

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In an article on the Marin IJ website, the utility was quoted as reporting to the California Public Utilities Commission that "substantially less than 1 percent of PG&E's residential customers" have declined the technology.

"This balance is reflected in Fairfax and unincorporated Marin County, which together represent approximately 20,650 meters," PG&E told the utility commission. "In these areas, deployment currently is approximately 34 percent complete with 7,056 SmartMeters installed, yet only 281 customers in Fairfax and 524 customers in unincorporated Marin County had opted out as of May 11, 2012."

The announcement from the energy corporation came at the same time as a press release dated today, May 15, on their website saying, "Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced it achieved a major customer milestone, having recently upgraded more than 9 million meters to SmartMeter™ technology." Ninety-three percent of projected installations are complete, the statement says.

with the Town of Fairfax to extend the moratorium on SmartMeter installations, and a hearing and possible vote arefor May 16 Town Council meeting. The measure, Ordinance 765, would extend for another year the moratorium on the installation of the wireless energy meters in or on any living quarters or business in Fairfax, or equipment related to them.

Follow this link for the complete Marin IJ article.

What do you think? Is Fairfax's objection to SmartMeter installation still a battle worth fighting?

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