Jul 28, 2014
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Things To Know: Mall Hosts Family Resources Fair

Also, dont' forget about Coats for Kids, the Family Resources Fair and Congresswoman Jackie Speier's job hunters. And there has been another bird found that has tested positive for West Nile virus.

Things To Know: Mall Hosts Family Resources Fair Things To Know: Mall Hosts Family Resources Fair Things To Know: Mall Hosts Family Resources Fair

Here are some important things happening around town that everyone should know about this upcoming week.

TODAY through Oct 20 The San Bruno PTA Council is sponsoring a free costume swap.  By October 20th drop off clean costumes in good repair to the public library, the Park & Rec, or City Hall. On Saturday October 20th, Allen School will be open for families to pick up the free costumes. More information available at local San Bruno Park District schools.

TODAY through Oct 30 Recology San Bruno is sponsoring the 2012 Coats For Kids” where new or gently used coats for ALL ages are being collected for distribution. Currently drop off containers are available at City Hall, the
Management Office at "The Shops At Tanforan", and at the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce at 618 San Mateo Avenue. Additional drop off locations to be advised. Flier attached.

Saturday, Oct. 13. Family Resources Fair at “The Shops At Tanforan”, 1st & 2nd levels by J.C. Penney from noon – 5 pm. Meet local businesses and learn about family resources available from with-in San Mateo County. There will also be a free face painter for kids! The Family Resources Fair is presented by the Daily Journal and is co-sponsored by The Shops at Tanforan.

Sunday, Oct. 14th. from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Sunday Farmers’ Market on ECR in front of “The Shops At Tanforan” will be holding their Special “How Much Does This LARGE Pumpkin Weigh” Contest.  (Photo of actual pumpkin attached).  Find Sunday Market Manager Ashley wearing the yellow shirt or jacket for all of the details. Entries will be accepted until 1 pm Sunday October 14th. PCFMA will draw the winning entry (weight closest to the actual weight but less than the actual weight) in their office and PCFMA will notify the winner and request that the winner to be present at noon October 21st to pick up the prize of a LARGE Basket of fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables.  This week, PCFMA's featured produce is apples:  click here to learn more.  Application for a booth rental attached. Info: PCFMA 925-825-9090 or the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce 588-0180.

Monday, Oct. 15. and continuing Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 3-6 p.m. and from 1:30 to 6 p.m. on Thursdays, the San Bruno Library Homework Center will be open in the Community Room and it is FREE and open to students in grades K-8. Students and parents must sign a registration form (available in the children’s room) before a student uses the Homework Center. It is recommended that parents of children younger than 10 years old remain in the library building while their child is at the Center. The Homework Center will provide computers to complete assignments, access to online tutoring, and a Homework Center Site Manager will create an atmosphere conducive to studying, as well as help children complete their homework, as time permits. The Homework Center does NOT provide one-on-one tutoring.  At the october 9th Council meeting the Children's Room Supervisor Barbara Bruxvoort gave a very detailed presentation to the City Council on how the center became to be and how effective it has been in its first year plus of opperation.  Her presentation is attached.   Info: 616-7078 or sbpl@plsinfo.org.

Tuesday, Oct. 16. U. S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier will be holding her 9th Job Hunters Boot Camp at the San Mateo County Fair Grounds. This important event helps job seekers enter or reenter the job market through employer connections, resume and interview skills workshops and presentations from powerful job coaches. Call 650-342-0300—for info and to register. Flier attached.

Who’s Who and What’s What

1. The Belle Air neighborhood has PG&E Line 101 running through the open space just east of the residential property lines along 7th Avenue.  Monday October 8th PG&E brought out their “mini pig” and videoed the inside of the storm drain that opened almost on top of the exposed section of line 101 and after moving approximately 100 feet up the storn drain, they found the plug, so work can now continue faster and no storm drain water should exit the culvert and cause problems to the pipe.  THANKS PG&E.

2. The San Bruno /South San Francisco 4-H Club recently distributed their club info (photo attached) at the San Bruno Farmers’ Market.  They hold their monthly meetings at 7 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesdays in the auditorium at the Belle Aire school.  Info:  http://sbcal.us/4h/ or 650-557-4587  Info attached.

3. The San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District reported October 11th the following:

"We received confirmation of a WNV positive American Crow reported September 27 in Belmont.  Additionally, two WNV chronic positive birds were reported:  One in Foster City, Hermit Thrush (Sept 26); and one in San Carlos, House Finch (Sept 27).  Attached is the updated list of the county’s WNV + and WNV chronic + birds and squirrels for 2012.  Thus far, San Mateo County’s year-to-date totals are:  Five (5) WNV+ birds; fifteen (15) WNV chronic+ birds; and three(3) WNV chronic+ squirrels.  As usual, next week we will set traps for mosquitoes in the affected neighborhoods.

Definitions:  WNV+ Indicates a current infection (active viremia) that was acquired this season (primary concern).  WNV chronic + Indicates a low level of infection that was not acquired this season (lesser concern). Note:  Both levels of infection will trigger deployment of C02 traps at the reported site and immediate neighborhood.  In turn, the pool of mosquitoes collected are sent to the Center for Vectorborne Diseases Laboratory in Davis for WNV testing.   So far, all mosquito pools tested for West Nile Virus this year have been negative.

The San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District provides the attached short paper by the American Mosquito Control Association on “An America Without Mosquito Control”.  With all of the news articles on West Nile Virus (WNV) human cases, it is important to consider what could happen if cities and counties were to cut back or completely stop “Fighting the Bite”.  The District is also pleased to provide you with a copy (attached) of their September District Report.  Questions can be directed to 650-344-8592 or your local mosquito district.

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