23 Aug 2014
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Domino's Tests Flying Pizza Delivery Drones

The DomiCopter is being developed, but don't write off the delivery boys just yet.

Domino's Tests Flying Pizza Delivery Drones
Last week I ordered a pizza. It was supposed to arrive in about 40 minutes. An hour and a half later I was still waiting. 

When it finally arrived I did my best polite complaining and got a free pizza coupon out of it. But even a free pizza is not worth an hour of hunger pangs.

There's not much a pizza delivery person can do about being stuck in traffic. But this week, Domino's announced the testing of delivery drones that can deliver two large pizzas via remote controlled helicopter. 

According to  Tested.com, the device, which they are calling the DomiCopter, can drop off pizzas in a four-mile radius in just 10 minutes, which is often much faster than a driver can arrive at your door.

GizMag.com points out that using unmanned aircraft like the DomiCopter for commercial purposes is banned in most countries. So it could very well be a while before you see flying pizza whiz through your neighborhood. 

But despite legislative roadblocks, T + Biscuits, the company developing and testing the DomiCopter for Domino's insists that the effort toward the technology is more than a novelty. 

"We're looking at making flying pizzas a possibility," T + Biscuits Founder Tom Hatton told  NBC News. "...We're serious about it."

Click here to see a video of the DomiCopter's first test flight.

Before settling on the name DomiCopter, NBC News reports that the company considered Pepperdroney and Flyin' Hawaiian. 

The closest Domino's to San Carlos is at 1501 El Camino Real in Belmont, just a mile from town, easily reachable by DomiCopter.

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