Jul 29, 2014

5 Organizations that Help Send Holiday Gifts to Troops

Susan Lawson of Soldiers' Angels give tips on what goods to ship to deployed service members and Patch offers organizations that help in the process.

5 Organizations that Help Send Holiday Gifts to Troops

Store Christmas decorations so early in the season may be annoying, but they’re a good reminder that holiday goods for deployed troops take time to travel across the world.

The trip is usually about three weeks, according to Susan Lawson of Soldiers Angels—an organization that sends care packages to those serving overseas.

Most people send snacks and hygiene products, but there’s much more that can be make a service member’s day. That includes one item that would normally spoil a kid’s holiday—socks.

“It’s really really cold in Afghanistan right now and these guys need to be changing their socks every day,” she said. “They can’t dry when it’s 20 degrees out—it’s not very exciting, but socks.”

Prohibited items in the Middle East include pork, alcohol and pornographic items. For who believe in creating gifts, hand made quilts are well-received, Lawson added.

There are various organizations that accept gifts and monetary donations. Here are a few recommended by Patch readers:

If the cost and time is an issue, an easy solution Lawson recommends is to is to write a card or letter to a service member.

“It doesn’t have to be something big that’s sent, just that something was sent,” she said. “They’re honored to know that there are American back home who care about them and who remember they’re there fighting for us.” 

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