Jul 29, 2014

Ask Rep. Issa Anything About Internet Bill in Live Chat

The 49th District Representative is hosting a live chat on Reddit Wednesday to answer questions about his proposed bill banning Internet regulation.

Ask Rep. Issa Anything About Internet Bill in Live Chat

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, wants to know what you think of his bill proposing to ban new Internet regulation for two years.

Issa will be conducting a live chat via the Reddit news aggregation site at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday to take questions from voters.

In the draft bill, titled the Internet American Moratorium Act:

It is resolved in the House of Representatives and Senate that they shall not pass any new legislation for a period of 2 years from the date of enactment of this Act that would require individuals or corporations engaged in activities on the Internet to meet additional requirements or activities.

Issa, who will represent the newly formed 49th District serving San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Ladera Ranch, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Vista, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Torrey Pines and Rancho Santa Fe, will be answering questions and seeking input on the bill.

Issa will be taking questions at the Reddit " IAmA" comments section Wednesday. "IAmA" allows users to state their background and take questions from users in a live chat format, as in "IAmA Congressman seeking your input..."

The draft bill is the latest in a series Issa's has sponsored aiming to reduce regulation and shrink the federal government.

A lively discussion is already underway on the page.

"Why are so many in Washington so eager to mess with the Internet?" asks a user named FriedBizkit. "To keep us safe? From what?"

Another thinks the Internet should be more regulated.

"Speaking as someone who deals with Internet infrastructure every day and has for the last 20 years, YES I do want the Internet regulated," the user yeahnothx answers. "I want protection from corporate interests AND government spying. I want fair rules for who gets to use the internet, such as net neutrality and common sense principles such as applying radio rules to internet radio."

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