Jul 29, 2014
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Editor Tom Abate Taking A Medical Leave

He will be out for several weeks recuperating from bypass surgery.

Editor Tom Abate Taking A Medical Leave


Dear San Leandro Patch Readers:

I'll be on the sidelines for a while.

I was recently diagnosed with serious heart disease and am scheduled to undergo bypass surgery on Wednesday. I am taking off Monday and Tuesday to prepare. I will recuperate for several weeks before returning to the Patch.

In my absence my colleagues will fill in, starting with Associate Regional Editor David Mills (david.mills@patch.com). Other details we'll have to work out over time as this has come up rather suddenly.

This no trivial matter but the truth is I'm lucky. I spotted some of the telltale signs and quickly got the tests that disclosed the severity of the disease before having a heart attack. I have excellent insurance through Patch and, as a result, will be operated on by a first class surgical team.

I plan to blog about my experiences and what I've learned about heart disease once the operation is over.

Meanwhile, please help my colleagues continue the coverage that you've come to expect.

As has been infamously said: "I'll be back."

Tom Abate

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