Jul 30, 2014
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San Leandro Police Say They've Nabbed Tire-Slasher

San Leandro resident Bob Razavi has been arrested in connection with 20 tire-slashings all over town that had citizens up in arms.

San Leandro Police Say They've Nabbed Tire-Slasher


San Leandro police don't know why the incidents occurred but they think they know who perpetrated 20 recent tire-slashings all over town.

On Sunday, April 7 officers on the city's midnight shift arrested San Leandro resident Bob Razavi in connection with these acts of vandalism.

Police spokesman Lt. Randall Brandt said because vandalism can be difficult to prove, the department delayed announcing the arrest until the Alameda County District Attorney's office decided to press charges, which has now occurred.

Brandt would not disclose how officers settled on Razavi as a suspect.

But he said the case is based on some eyewitness testimony as well as the nature of the materials found in Razavi's possession at the time of his arrest.

According to police, Razavi threatened an officer during the course of the investigation and will be charged with that offense in addition to vandalism.

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