Jul 29, 2014
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San Leandro Residents Call 911 Over Oakland Concert

Flood of emergency calls over late night 'rave' event at Oakland Coliseum.

San Leandro Residents Call 911 Over Oakland Concert


Thumping base music reverberated into San Leandro Saturday night from a concert at the Oakland Coliseum, prompting so many calls to 911 that San Leandro Police issued a statement redirecting complaints to Oakland authorities.

"We are getting numerous calls that are overloading are 911 Emergency System," San Leandro authorities said in an alert issued at 11:26 pm Saturday night. "Please call the Oakland Police Department at 510-238-3481. The common complaint is loud base type music."

Mayor Stephen Cassidy told Patch that the concert was heard from the Marina to Bayovista. He said he called Oakland Mayor Jean Quan last night but could not reach her.

"I will follow through with her," he said Sunday.

Cassidy said he didn't want residents to get the impression that the 911 system had collapsed. But the volume of concert-related calls to both non-emergency and emergency lines did make it more difficult for SLPD to respond to the most pressing calls.

Frustrated San Leandro residents in neighborhoods adjoining Oakland exchanged emails last night. One writer on the Broadmoor Neighborhood email list wrote:

"I am at the intersection of Durant and Foothill. If any of you are as annoyed by the after 10 PM music from the arena as I am, here is the information on who is running the show.

The event is called "Beyond Wonderland". It is billed to go on until 2 AM. Basically a huge house party/rave in the parking lot of the arena. The event is put on by a company called "Insomniac". Their site is www.insomniac.com. You can leave an e-mail there.

You can call the Oakland police non emergency at 777-3333. I called and was informed that the city gave them a permit to keep the music up until 2 AM. I asked who I could complain to and was told that OPD is compiling complaints associated with the event. Please call and tell them you do not like this! the more complaints they get, the less likely they will do this outdoors in future.

O-CO Arena can be reached at 569-2121. Push #0 and leave a message for the receptionist. You can also e-mail them at WWW.coliseum.com."

As of 1 am Saturday morning OPD had received more than 300 complaints, according to one San Leandro resident who phoned in to report the noise.

Did you hear the concert? Did you make a call Saturday night? What should San Leandro do now to prevent a recurrence?

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