Jul 29, 2014

San Leandro Software Firm Gets Presidential Export Award

OSIsoft, headquartered near the downtown BART station, has gotten a Presidential "E" Award for its success as a software exporter.

San Leandro Software Firm Gets Presidential Export Award


A San Leandro software firm won a national award Thursday for successfully exporting its bits and bytes all around the world.

OSIsoft, based near the downtown BART Station, has received a Presidential "E" Award, the highest honor a company can get for export performance.

"It is companies like this that are helping to grow our economy and put more Americans back to work," U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson said in a press release.

OSIsoft sells the PI System — a software product that is used to manage manufacturing sites, energy plants, utility grids, life sciences installations, data centers and other complex industrial processes.

"Today we export the PI System to over 110 countries," said OSIsoft founder J. Patrick Kennedy. "Exports are a very important component of our growth and today represent over 50 percent of our business."

Founded here more than two decades ago, OSIsoft operated under radar until 2011 when Kennedy partnered with city leaders to propose a that could make it a magnet for high-tech industry.

OSIsoft is also in the process of expanding its San Leandro campus on vacant land west of the BART Station and adjacent its current headquarters.

OSIsoft was one of 41 U.S. companies and organizations that were presented with the “E” Award at World Trade Week ceremonies in Washington DC.

This year marks 50th anniversary of the “E” Award, which President John F. Kennedy created by Executive Order to encourage U.S. companies to sell their products abroad.

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of J. Patrick Kennedy, OSIsoft’s CEO and founder.

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