Jul 26, 2014
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SMHS Titanian Yearbook Receives Highest National Honor

Out of 475 school yearbooks, San Marino’s Titanian was awarded the prestigious Pacemaker Award in Seattle earlier this month.

SMHS Titanian Yearbook Receives Highest National Honor SMHS Titanian Yearbook Receives Highest National Honor SMHS Titanian Yearbook Receives Highest National Honor

While it’s often exciting to find photos of yourself and friends in your high school yearbook and sign messages of inside jokes or keeping in touch—whether that was last year or 20 years ago—do you ever think about who spends the countless hours putting the yearbook memories together?

’s Titanian yearbook staff got special recognition this month when they received the Pacemaker Award at the 2012 National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) Spring Convention in Seattle, Washington on April 14, the staff announced in a press release.

The Titanian's Snapshots was one of 475 books judged and was named one of 30 winners from the 61 finalists chosen.

The NSPA had this to say about the Pacemaker Award:

“Since 1927, NSPA's Pacemaker competition has been considered by many to be student journalism's highest honor. All NSPA yearbook members are eligible to compete in their respective national Pacemaker competitions. Yearbook Pacemakers are judged based upon the following criteria: writing/editing, design, content, concept, photography, art and graphics.”

SMHS 2012 Titanian Yearbook Adviser José Caire, Editor-in-Chief Christine Situ, Sports Editor and Senior Photographer , Senior Writer Leanne Gan and staffers Tiffany Tran, Cherie Chow, and Alexis Perez traveled to Seattle to represent SMHS at the NSPA Spring Convention.

The 2011 Management Staff is as follows:

Adviser: Mr. José Caire (Faculty Member at SMHS)

Editor-in-Chief: Maya Kulkarni (Now attends UC Berkeley)

Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie Cai (Now attends UC Berkeley)

Design Editor: Yo-Yo Lin (Now attends USC)

Copy Editor: Tiffany Lu (Now attends University of Pennsylvania)

Photography Editor: Rand Lee (Now attends UCLA)

Reference Editor: Tanya Zhang (Now attends UCSD)

Business Manager: Kelsey Cheung (Now attends Fashion Institute of Design)

Photography Manager: Michael Bernstein (SMHS)

What do you think of the Titanian Yearbook's award? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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