23 Aug 2014
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Crowded? Compare Class Sizes in San Mateo High Schools

The state average for high school class size is 23.6. How does your school rate?

Crowded? Compare Class Sizes in San Mateo High Schools

Class sizes at San Mateo high schools push past the statewide average but most have a lower pupil-to-teacher ratio than other California high schools, according to recently released figures from the 2011-12 school year.

Hillsdale High School, with 1318 students, boasts the lowest class sizes of the San Mateo public high schools at 26.9 students per class. The state average is 23.6, according to the statistics published on the Ed-Data website.

Check out all of the San Mateo schools here or do your own comparisons on the Ed-Data website:

School Class Size Comparisons, 2011-12SchoolEnrollmentAverage Class SizePupils per TeacherNumber of Teachers

Aragon High

1499 29.2 22.1 76 Half Moon Bay High 935 27.6 22.1 45 Hillsdale High 1318 26.9 19.1 77 Oceana High 613 28.2 22.7 29 San Mateo High 1373 28.0 20.1 76 Terra Nova High 1230 28.7 24.5 52Statewide Averagen/a23.622.7n/a

The statistics are published by the the Ed-Data website, a partnership between the California Department of Education (CDE), EdSource, and the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team to provide data about K-12 education.

There's a longstanding debate surrounding the importance of class size. A report issued two years ago by the Brookings Institute indicated significant class size reduction—along the lines of seven to 10 students—had the biggest impact on student achievement, but this was much more pronounced in younger students than at the high school level.

Do you think average class sizes at Coastside high schools are too high? How does this impact students' learning? Tell us in the comment section below.

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