Jul 28, 2014

Best Italian Food Goes to Bistro Ginolina

Readers chose Bistro Ginolina as the best place to get Italian food in San Rafael.

Best Italian Food Goes to Bistro Ginolina

The first thing that becomes apparent in our inaugural is that there are a lot of very good Italian restaurants in our city.

While all the restaurants are delicious, a new kid on the block took the prize. , who first came to San Rafael in 2010, with Chef Federico Sabino Rusciano in charge of a menu that includes all our Italian favorites-from pizza to pasta to Scaloppine a' piacere.

Garnering a full five stars in our business directory, Patch reader Giani Pinazzi said “I for one love all the seafood pasta and my husband loved his Lamb Chops with a side of pasta... it wasn't on the menu but they made it for him.”
“Best tutto mare (all seafood) pasta in the states!” another reader said. 

You can watch a video of Rusciano , a favorite of the restaurant.

Coming in second is 17-year downtown resident on A Street. Although it tied with Bistro Ginolina in our poll at 29 votes, more user comments on our Facebook page and reviews of Ginolina prompted the victory.

Il Davide features a lush menu from Executive Chef and co-owner David Haydon, who’s worked in the business for 15 years. Watch a video of Haydon

Third place goes to on G Street, with 13 votes. Watch our video of how to prawns in tomato, capers, basil, white wine sauce.

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