21 Aug 2014
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Beyond Hunger Has Drop In Support Groups!

Drop In Support Group 

Drop in is located in our office:
523 Fourth Street, Suite 100, San Rafael
Saturdays - 9:30am - 11:30am

Weekly Group Topics
Ten Principles of Beyond Hunger

#1- Compassion is the foundation of all recovery. Love is the most fertile ground for change.

#2- Becoming conscious of our behavior, thoughts and feelings, in the moment without judgment opens the door to understanding our struggle with food and weight.

#3- Returning to our innate wisdom by eating intuitively (i.e. eating when hungry, stopping when full, eating what is satisfying) reconnects us to our physical integrity that lies buried beneath the diet mentality.

#4- Accepting our bodies exactly as they are right now allows us to make peace with our bodies, thereby empowering us to take better care of our bodies.

#5- Feelings are emotions that come from the core of our being and are essential parts of knowing our needs and taking care of ourselves.

#6- By going beneath the body hatred, diet thoughts, and disordered eating behaviors, we can learn to experience our feelings fully and therefore live fully.

#7- At the heart of every eating disorder is the desire to awaken, embrace our whole selves and experience our divinity.

#8- Recovery from an eating disorder is not a linear process. It requires any layers of learning that unfold uniquely, spontaneously and independently.

#9- Each obsessive thought and each disordered eating behavior is a thread that, if followed, can lead us back to our own truth.

#10- Complete recovery is possible!

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Open to adults and teens struggling with food and weight issues, 
their friends & family members

Cost: $25 (scholarships available)

For more information: (415) 459-2270

Drop In Group Meetings will be held at 523 4th Street Suite 100 
in San Rafael. 
Our suite is the right hand door on the ground floor of the building.

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