Jul 29, 2014

Gopher Problems Abound at Dixie Schools

In a recent report on school facilities, each school were ranked deficient for pest/vermin infestation.

Gopher Problems Abound at Dixie Schools

While the quality and maintenance of all the Dixie School District's campuses were highly ranked in a recent report, some furry critters on the fields are throwing off the numbers.

Each of the four schools in the district were given a 100 percent in all inspections, except for pest/vermin infestation due to gophers burrowing in their fields, according to a report presented to the district at their Sept. 11 meeting.

"It sounds a lot worse than it is," said Robert Marical, business manager for the district. "We did find gophers in our fields, which is not unusual for people in this area."

The inspection, which was put in place to comply with state laws that ensure students get equal access to safe school facilities, was conducted during August.  Tim Walsh, who serves as director of buildings, grounds and transportation for the district, and his staff visited each campus.

The gophers knocked the ranking down to 85 percent for one category of the inspection, however all the schools still got an "exemplary" overall ranking–the highest a school can get. Other maintenance needed included minor repairs, such as fixing light fixtures and a leaky sink.

Miller Creek Middle School, Dixie, Vallecito and Mary E. Silveira elementary schools are included in the district.

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