Jul 30, 2014
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Obama Has 3-to-1 Fundraising Lead Over Romney in San Rafael

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Obama Has 3-to-1 Fundraising Lead Over Romney in San Rafael

San Rafael voters have come out strong for the Democratic presidential ticket once again in 2012, donating three times more to President Barack Obama than Republican nominee Mitt Romney, according to data from Federal Elections Commission.

These most recent numbers—which run from April 1, 2011 through August 30, 2012—show Obama supporters in San Rafael have given nearly $310,800, while Romney supporters have given more than $103,000.

Those Obama donations have come more often and in smaller increments. Records show that Obama received 2,052 donations at an average of $151, while Romney received 129 donations at an average of $801. 

That doesn't mean Obama isn't racking up big donations, however. Obama has received 72 donations over $1,000, while Romney has received 40 donations over $1,000, including 20 of at least $2,500.

Marin is also deep Obama country, as the president has tallied more than $1.2 million in donations from Marin residents to date, far outpacing the $266,00 in donations to Romney from Marin to date. Mill Valley was the biggest donor to Obama in Marin, while Romney drew the most donations from San Rafael.

If you’d like to find out more about San Rafael's donations to the presidential election so far—or, if you’d like to see specifically if your neighbor gave to one of the candidates, you can use Patch's interactive database above. You can also use it see how the numbers break down in other parts of the state.

The information in the database was downloaded from the FEC’s website. The data is based on quarterly reports, and is current through August. The data will be updated in mid-October, and Patch will keep you posted with the new numbers as soon as they’re available.

Use the drop down menus on the map to explore how much your zip code contributed to Obama or Romney's campaign. Click on the zip code to see the total amount contributed. Smaller contributions might not show up on the map.

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