21 Aug 2014
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Local Singer Balances Motherhood With Musical Pursuits

San Ramon vocalist and recording artist Eve Marie Shahoian finds time for her two loves: Family and song.

Local Singer Balances Motherhood With Musical Pursuits

Eve Marie Shahoian was born to sing.

Recognized as a vocal prodigy at a young age, she made appearances on several popular shows including "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson," and performed with Liberace in Las Vegas. Her musical journey from childhood, when she was a young coloratura soprano, has shaped her dreams and her life to this day.

"I grew up surrounded by music," said Shahoian. "My grandmother was an opera singer and my mother also had a big, beautiful voice. Music was the way of life, and it continues to be that way in my home today."

After high school, the singer took a break from performing and earned her degree in Clinical Psychology and Masters of Music in Vocal Pedagogy. Then she started a family and founed a teaching practice in San Ramon.

As her two children grew into the school years, Shahoian was ready to stretch her creative wings and tackle another singing milestone – releasing a full-length album.

So a year ago, she released her debut album "Waiting For You," a romantic sampling of contemporary pop, classic American Songbook and six of her original songs.

"Once I decided to write my own songs, the music started pouring out of me," she said. "The artistic process of writing and working with Bay Area musicians inspired me to more creativity. It has to do with intention and where you are at the given time. I was so motivated to finish this album."

The collection of songs, which she paid out of pocket to produce, was released to glowing reviews and received national air play on the radio. Shahoian admits that paying for your own production and publicity can only take you so far.

"Of course getting signed by a record label would be ideal," she said. "But for now I am thankful for any and all creative opportunities that come my way. I'm looking to perform and am slowly but surely trying to gain exposure."

Between working on new material and raising two children in San Ramon,  Shahoian also offers private voice lessons to people of all ages at Eve's Studio in San Ramon. A vocal teacher for the past fourteen years, she has also taught music in local public schools and through the city.

Music apparently runs in the Shaoian family – the singer's daughter has the gift, too.

"She's also been surrounded with music for her whole childhood like I was," Shahoian said. "It's the norm for her."

Because of her appreciation for San Ramon's public schools, Shahoian hopes to organize a concert in the near future to raise money for music in public schools. The San Ramon Unified School District is the main reason her family moved to town.

"I wanted our children in public schools and San Ramon seemed the best for us," she said. "A benefit concert would be a great way for me to give back to the community."

Like many a mom who pursues her dreams while trying to balance the needs of her family, Eve Marie admits it's a tough road to walk.

"Balance can feel so unachievable to moms," said Shahoian. "When we are self-driven, nothing is easy. Sometimes we feel like we are pulled in tons of directions. I've been incredibly lucky to pursue my dreams and be able to stay home with my kids when they were younger."

Writing songs, recording an album and promoting herself as a singer is all new to her.

"Although I've been performing since I was a very young child, I'm still redefining myself as an artist," she said. "I'm thankful music is still so much in my life."

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