Jul 29, 2014
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Comedian Richard Stockton Dispenses One-Liners and Good News

After a two-year hiatus, 'Planet Cruz Comedy' returns next month to a bigger venue than before, and they're sorry for ever leaving us in the first place.

Comedian Richard Stockton Dispenses One-Liners and Good News Comedian Richard Stockton Dispenses One-Liners and Good News

We won't ask where they've been for the past two humor-deficient years—all that really matters is that Planet Cruz Comedy is coming back. 

Scheduled to touch down in Santa Cruz on Novemer 17th, the strange beings of Planet Cruz Comedy will take up residence at the Rio Theater this time.

"As intimate a venue as the Kuumbwa is, the show kept getting bigger, the Planet Cruz audience kept growing and we needed to gear up for some kind of change," said Richard Stockton, who founded Planet Cruz in 2007.

"...I don’t believe that being first in line should determine who of us gets to join the dance," he said.

The Kuumbwa turned people away after 200. At the Rio, at least 938 people will be able to "join the dance." 

Do we forgive Planet Cruz Comedy for leaving and take them back?

You decide. Here are the latest excuses from Planet Cruz Comedy, plus some great one-liners about the magical bubble you live in, and a chance to win some tickets!

Santa Cruz Patch: Where the heck have you been?

Stockton: We took a two year break to develop other spoken word projects and to fill the creative well. I took my stand up on the road and had the amazing opportunity to work with writer Wallace Baine to create a radio story telling show for KUSP. As much as I love creating poignant stories about this magical place we get to call home and as much as friends and family urged me to keep writing and performing my stories, it became clear to me that what I have to offer is comedy.

Patch: So you missed us then?

Stockton: That’s what people want from me, they want to laugh. That’s it. The road back to Planet Cruz was about me remembering who and what I am. I’m a fool.

Patch: You are forgiven. But Santa Cruz has been a bit laughter-starved these past two years. 

Stockton: Wanting to connect on a soul to soul basis with laughter is where my real passion is. Humor has gotten me through my neurotic times, broke times, heart broken times, drug times, jail time…

Patch: Do you think laughter is the ingredient that can help Santa Cruz get through the crime addled, economic duldrums and/or days of zero swell?

Stockton: We can’t make it without hope. When it comes to healing your spirit I think music has no equal. But when fear and confusion have separated your head from your body there is nothing like laughter, it breaks the spasm of fear.

You open wide to laugh. And when you laugh so hard that you cannot breathe and you gulp for air, that’s when hope slips in. That’s when your mind chatter stops and your body can tell you the truth.

Patch: Can we look forward to a healthy dose of Santa Cruz-butted jokes?

Stockton: Santa Cruz is certainly one of my favorite topics to riff on. I love this town beyond any rational measure of what it is. I wouldn’t be me without Santa Cruz.

Patch: Wait. Who are you? 

Stockton: I was born Richard Robert Stockton in Bakersfield. My mama called me Dickie Bob. I was a feral child raised by Republicans. Then I moved to Santa Cruz and my spirit healed.

But even today, sometimes I feel like an alien spirit that has landed here to learn what I am supposed to do.

Patch: And what is Planet Cruz?

Stockton: Planet Cruz is a state of mind. You are from Planet Cruz if to save money you drink heavily before going out.

Patch: I know exactly what you mean!  

Stockton: You are from Planet Cruz if your only houseplant is rooted outside and grows in through the window.

Patch: (Or requires a padlocked room and PG & E bill as high as the rent.)

Stockton: You are from Planet Cruz if you have signed a petition just to get into Trader Joe’s. And signed it again to get out.

Patch: Anything for a free shot of coffee and instant Punjab Choley!

Stockton: You’re from Planet Cruz if you’ve ever wondered where you parked your car… and you’re in it.

Patch: No comment...

Stockton: Santa Cruz is here to teach us how take responsibility for own own happiness.

Patch: Enter to win four tickets to see Planet Cruz Comedy HERE!

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