Jul 28, 2014
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Dude Misses His Car! Can You Blame Him?

Patch reader hopes to hook up again with the 1971 Plymouth he sold years ago in the Santa Cruz area.

Dude Misses His Car! Can You Blame Him?
If you see this car -- a yellow, 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring-- in Santa Cruz, please let  Justin Aarron Harris know!

Harris says he sold it for cash when he was being deployed overseas, and just could not leave it behind orphan-like and un-attended.

And though it may look like a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner, Harris says it is, in fact, a Plymouth Satellite Sebring, with a "dropped 360, holly 4brl crb, black mopar wafel valve covers, the block itself is orange, there is a comp cam with points ignition and instead of headers, the engine snugs original 318v8 exhuast manifolds."

We don't "speak car" that well -- but we think this means it was souped up and very nice.

Now that Harris has returned home from deployment, he's missing -- a lot, apparently -- his former bumblebee-yellow ride and would like to re-connect. He recalls selling it to a man in nearby Boulder. 

"I'm trying to rekindle the spark of fire that keeps my heart pumping. Please help," he writes, and provides this phone number: 9254357866.

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