Jul 30, 2014
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Purse Snatch Suspect Turned in by his Mother

A San Jose Oak Grove High student was arrested for allegedly snatching the purse of a 63-year-old woman at the Morrissey Safeway. It was caught on video.

Purse Snatch Suspect Turned in by his Mother Purse Snatch Suspect Turned in by his Mother
Santa Cruz Police have arrested a 17-year-old who allegedly knocked over a 63-year-old woman and stole her purse Saturday at the Safeway on Morrissey Boulevard.

The mother of the juvenile saw her son's photo on social media after it was put on a Santa Cruz Police Department blog post, calling him a "coward."

"The power of social media and strong parenting came through on this one," wrote Deputy Chief Steve Clark. 

The suspect, who isn't named because he is under 18, was living with his father in San Jose. Late Wednesday night his mother picked him up at his father's house and drove him to the Santa Clara Sheriff's office and turned him in.

They contacted Santa Cruz Police who interviewed him, and they say, got a full confession. He told them he was extremely high on marijuana and didn't want to suffer "coming down," police said. He stole the purse to buy more marijuana.

He wouldn't identify his accomplices and police are looking for them. They were driving a red car similar to a Honda Civic or Accord. It had white lettering across the back window that said "INDOW TINT," without the W.

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