Jul 28, 2014
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SCFD Gets New Solar, Environmentally-Friendly Aerial Truck

The federal government picked up $657,000 or 80 percent of the cost.

SCFD Gets New Solar, Environmentally-Friendly Aerial Truck

Santa Cruz's new fire truck is 100 feet long with LED lighting and a solar panel to keep it charging when it's not in the firehouse.

The truck includes a trailer that holds enough equipment to replace two other trucks.

It was made in Wisconsin by Pierce Manufacturing, a subsidiary of the Oshkosh Corporation.

It replaces an 18-year-old truck that was powered by a polluting two-stroke diesel engine. 

According to a press release, the truck "is equipped with antilock brakes, for greater safety of both occupant personnel as well as the public at large.  It is further equipped with a full suite of the most up to date electronic and computerized systems, including a Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR).  This component records all mechanical functions, which can be downloaded to a laptop computer for analysis and system diagnostics, as well as all critical vehicle performance criteria in the event of an accident and/or failure."

Because it is tractor-drawn, it has a short wheelbase and can more easily manuever around city streets.

"We have literally run our old truck into the ground," said Deputy Chief Mark Ramos, who said it is being donated to Monterey Peninsula Community College. "Our old truck will no longer go on emergency calls due to reliability issues.

"It is very exciting to replace our truck with a much more reliable piece of equipment."

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