Jul 28, 2014
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Should Laurel Curve Stay Closed Off?

After a spate of accidents, Caltrans has put up barriers along Laurel Curve, where Wednesday there was another major accident. Is this the best solution?

Should Laurel Curve Stay Closed Off? Should Laurel Curve Stay Closed Off?

County Supervisor John Leopold is holding a meeting at the Santa Cruz Summit next Wednesday to talk about what should be done about Laurel Curve, the dangerous spot on Highway 17, where there was a and another .

"Two weeks ago after a heavy rainstorm, Caltrans made a unilateral decision to that connects to Laurel Road," Leopold wrote to his constituents.

"Although Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) had reportedly been considering this closure for awhile, there was never a public forum to discuss the impacts on the surrounding community."

Now, the supervisor says, more than 100 families who live around Laurel Road are complaining that they are forced to make dangerous U-turns on 17 and adding 30 minutes to trips to school and work.

"It's a dangerous curve, no doubt about it," said Leopold in an interview. "It's unforturnate that they speeded up the trafic there and then blamed it on the turnouts."

He said Caltrans made the decision without consulting the local residents. The barriers are temporary, but a decision needs to be made on whether they should stay.

"Government does not work best when we dont talk with our constituents," said Leopold. "I want people in the community to work with Caltrans and see if we can work out a solution."

The meeting will be held 5:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Loma Prieta Community Center, 23800 Summit Rd. Officials from the CHP and Caltrans will attend.

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