21 Aug 2014
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Collective consciousness vs. collective ignorance

Collective consciousness vs. collective ignorance

I always express my gratitude that I live in a city where healthy, fresh food is so readily available.  You almost have to go out of your way to eat badly.  Yet it's so overtly obvious when I grocery shop or eat out in mainstream places that a LOT of people still don't make a connection between what they are consuming and what will happen to their bodies as a consequence.

And why is that? 

It has to be ignorance.  Once you understand the connection, I don't see how you can not change your behavior.

And our collective ignorance is a most intentional, because it should be taught in school from day one, along with the abc's.

I know schools think they are teaching children about nutrition, but if what they were teaching was valid, I think we would be seeing very different statistics regarding children's  health in this country.

Of course, parents are even more responsible to role model and teach their children than the school system, but you can't teach what you don't know.

What a cyclical problem, with no easy answers.

All I personally can do is not cave in to unconscious family, friends and acquaintances when it comes to what I eat.

You get labeled as being difficult if you don't go along at a dinner or party or social event with whatever good tasting "health bomb" is being  offered, but maybe when enough people become difficult things will began to change.

We educate each other by explaining the reasoning behind the choices we make.  If our choices are correct, then we will be a living  testament  to their truth.

Of course, I am not perfect  by any means!  I fall off the wagon all the time...but the more I live  consciously , I "cheat" with things like raw organic coconut milk ice cream or Vegetable root chips. 

No matter how bad I'm being, I won't cave in to the really commercial "poison", as delicious as some of it still tastes to my "educated" palate.

I'm learning that it really is worth the time and effort to eat mostly freshly prepared, homemade meals.  I'm making my own yogurt and it's so good I'll never eat store bought again!  Really easy to do, very little effort once you've made a couple of batches.

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