Jul 26, 2014
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Farmers Market Fresh: Tamales and Salsa

Gourmet Tamales and McFadden Ranch salsa tops the list of this week's pick at the market- with some eggs and tortillas and other goodies thrown in.

The combo of vendors at the has really hit a stride, where a lot of the basic kitchen needs can be found and each meal can have a more local fresh feel.

Gourmet Tamales, from Oceanside, is a regular at the market. Their tamales come frozen, three to a package in more than 21 flavors separated into Vegetarian, Vegan, Meats and Dessert. We got the Tinga tamales that have chicken chipotle inside, as well as spicy black bean. If you're a fan of tamales, do yourself a favor and try these out. They run a bit pricey at $8 for a package of three or three packages for $22.

To cook the tamales I microwave them in the corn husk for four minutes (flip tamale once), take the tamale out of the husk and toast in the oven until the outside gets a slight brown to it.

Now, these tamales are darn tasty, but I wouldn't recommend them without some good salsa. You're in luck, because McFadden Ranch is right across the way from the Gourmet Tamale stand. This is a ranch that likes the spicy side of life. I first purchased salsa made with the hottest peppers made by man- Scorpion Pepper Salsa. That particular spicy concoction went best with Asian food, in my opinon, but they also sell a Mi Casa Salsa that is meant to be a mild everyday kitchen counter salsa. That is what I suggest for the tamales.

We also picked up some beautifully speckled eggs from a stand that calls itself Papa's Garden, near the front of the market. We got one egg that had an unusual spotted pattern on it that is said to be goodluck. So, we've got that going for us!

In the photos you can see the tamale with Mi Casa salsa and an nice kale and homegrown egg breakfast taco that were made with Santee Farmers Market ingredients. The jalepeno tortilla for the taco was gotten from the Tommy's Mexican Food stand.

FYI: McFaddens Ranch is missing from the market this week, but I am assured they'll be back next week.

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