Jul 26, 2014
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HAZMAT Responds to Fire at Prospect Avenue Sanitation Center

A fire closed down part of Prospect Avenue on Sunday night, bringing a hazardous materials unit along with at least six other crews.

HAZMAT Responds to Fire at Prospect Avenue Sanitation Center

was called to a fire in an industrial area of Santee that caused authorities to block traffic of Prospect Avenue just west of Cuyamaca Street on Sunday night.

The fire broke out at (10035 Prospect Ave.), a site that recycles restaurant refuse, like greasy water and food particles, and was caused by "decomposition of organic material," according to Santee Fire .

The fire started in an area where Al-Max separates liquids and solids, the solids storage building essentially self combusted. Miller explained that when organic matter decomposes, especially a lot of it compressed together, it creates it's own heat and if anything combustible comes near the heat, it can catch fire.

San Diego County HAZMAT responded because of industrial chemicals that were potentially involved in the fire. Three Santee fire engines, a rescue engine, a truck and a medic unit also responded, according to Miller. 

Miller said the fire was out in about 20 minutes, but the crews were on scene for about three hours. No injuries were reported, and no other businesses were affected.

Though about $20,000 of losses were reported, Al-Max was back in operation the day after. 

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