21 Aug 2014
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How's the New Commute?

With the SR-52 expansion now open to traffic, how has it changed your drive?

left this comment on Tuesday morning:

"Heard the commute is worse then ever. Now you have three 2 lane feeder systems(Mission Gorge, the 125 and the 67) all merging in the same place, onto a two lane freeway (the 52). I can only imagine that the commute back into Santee from the 52 will be just as bad, with everyone trying to get off at the about the same location to get onto Mission Gorge, the 125 or the 67. Sounds (and looks) like poor planning to me. I thought this was supposed to alleviate traffic problems not create them. Only place it might have freed up traffic congestion a bit is on the 8."

That's the first report posted on this site about the traffic and commuting affects of the - not exactly encouraging. Santee Patch will be analyzing the traffic affects over the next week, but we want your input, you know better than anyone!

Consider this an open forum for your thoughts on the expansion, from to complaints and suggestions for new routes and peaks of traffic.

If you haven't driven the new stretch, .

Here are a few more that were posted around the site this morning:

Andrew Meil:

I take Mast Blvd to get home in Santee (Cause' I HATE TAKING MISSION GORGE ROAD - TOO MANY Street lights!) - This will be much better. I would stay on California State Route 52 from Kearny Mesa, where I work, all the way to Magnolia Avenue, make a left towards suburb Santee and BOOM! I'm HOME! Yay! - I do say though, CALTRANS COULD have made the freeway at least a minimum of 3 lanes each direction...I can understand the bottleneck from CA 125 to CA 67 - Two Lanes = One American Vechicle....normaly (Just kidding) :-P - I do see a major backup happening at the Magnolia Avenue exit though...and a major backup at the Large, flyover ramps to North/South CA 67...a lot of vehicles use CA 52....however, a new freeway is better than NO freeway - Here here CALTRANS! A project that is legit! Now, make our freeway pretty - PLANT NICE PLANTS AROUND IT!


Excited for the expansion as it will be easier to get onto the 67 but I am not looking forward to all that extra congestion. YUCK! Can't wait to move out of state where "bad" traffic is 4 cars in front of your vehicle.


With so few lanes...they never learn...... just like when 52 opened, we will be widening the free way in no time at a higher cost in the future...so dumb.

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