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Kindergarten Registration 101

Is your young one making the big step into kindergarten? Here are some important things to remember for enrollment this year.

Kindergarten Registration 101

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The time has finally come for your little one to ditch the velcro and learn to lace-up: kindergarten is here.

There is a lot to remember when enrolling your child for kindergarten: vaccinations, proof of residency and even an oral assessment. It's an anxious time for both parent and kid alike.

There are many things to remember and prep for, but stress not, mom and dad! We've got the state basics here to help make the transition from preschool to kindergarten a smooth one.


California law requires all children to have their vaccinations fully completed before enrolling in Kindergarten, unless exempted as provided by law. The five required vaccinations are:

  1. Polio
  2. DTP
  3. MMR
  4. HepatitisB
  5. Varicella (ChickenPox)


California states that all immunizations must be up to date and verified at enrollment. Students will not be pre-enrolled, enrolled or admitted without this evidence. To get your proof of immunization, a state record card (a yellow card) can be ontained from your health care provider.

It will contain the name of your child, their date of birth, the name of each immunization that has been given to your child as well as the exact date it was administered. The yellow card will have a signature or stamp verifying the information.

Physical Exam

Kindergartens are required by the state to have a specific physical examination. All students are required to have a specific physical examination when entering first grade. This Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) examination may be obtained within 18 months prior to entering first grade. The pre-kindergarten physical qualifies if obtained within six months prior to entering kindergarten in August 2011.

Oral Assessment

Open wide! If your child is entering public school for the first time, a dental screening is now required by the state. The Department of Education provides funding for these screenings. You can check their website to see how much your district gets funded and get additional details about this mandatory law.

The oral exam is due by May of the first year of school, kindergarten or first grade.

Residency Verification

All school districts in California have been advised that the State Controller’s Office will rigorously enforce Title V (Administrative Code) and Education Code provisions for verification of residency for school attendance. Schools are required to verify residency of all enrolling students.

If you're enrolling your child in kindergarten, be prepared to complete a residency verification form and present two of the following original documents. Please note that photocopies will be made of the documents and kept in your child's student file.

  • Deed to primary residence
  • Escrow papers for primary residence
  • Rental/lease agreement for primary residence
  • Military housing orders (base housing office written verification)
  • Declaration of temporary residency affidavits for homeless families
  • Current bill from local utility company
  • Any other legal document(s) which establishes residence address within district boundaries

Below is a list of the kindergartens offered in the . If you're unsure which one lies in your attendance area, call 619-258-2350. Registration for all schools in the Santee School District takes place at the Educational Resource Center located at 9619 Cuyamaca Street. The office is open from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Good luck during this exciting transition time!

School NameAddressPhone Number9545 Cuyamaca St 619-956-5500
9353 Pike Rd  619-258-3400
9353 Wethersfield Rd 619-956-4500 9665 Jeremy St 619-956-5000
9303 Prospect Ave 619-956-5210
8120 Arlette St 619-258-4800 1935 Marlinda Way 619-956-5100 10300 N Magnolia Ave 619-956-2400 10201 Settle Road 619-956-5400

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