Jul 27, 2014
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Lakeside Woman is "Biggest Energy Saver" in SDG&E Contest

A new laptop computer is the prize for cutting energy usage by 46.5 percent between the beginning of Sept. and the end of Nov. in the "Biggest Energy Saver" contest.

Lakeside Woman is "Biggest Energy Saver" in SDG&E Contest

A Lakeside woman won a three-month energy conservation contest by reducing power consumption in her home by nearly half, San Diego Gas & Electric announced today.

Erica Fraunce won a new laptop computer after cutting energy usage by 46.5 percent for her family of three between the beginning of September and the end of November in the "Biggest Energy Saver" contest, according to SDG&E.

Utility officials said around 200 participants used in-home energy monitoring devices, and many shared their results with an online social gaming application. Those who only used the monitoring devices saved an average of 9 percent, but those who included the online "app" cut use by an average of 20 percent.

"The Biggest Energy Saver campaign is a great example of the creative ways that we can facilitate a higher level of engagement with customers and demonstrate how technology can leverage smart meter data, providing real benefits," said Ted Reguly, director of customer programs and assistance at SDG&E.

Methods participants used to use included:

-- switching to compact fluorescent lighting;

-- lowering water heater temperature;

-- using the minimal amount of lighting needed for a task;

-- washing and drying dishes and clothing by hand;

-- using smart power strips; and

-- turning off computers and monitors when they aren't in use.

-City News Service

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