Jul 26, 2014
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Michael's Grill Restaurateurs are Back, Via Moto to Become Community Roots Kitchen

Santee will soon be losing Via Moto's Italian fare for "farm to table cuisine."

Michael's Grill Restaurateurs are Back, Via Moto to Become Community Roots Kitchen

Updated April 2 @ noon.

A cryptic Youtube video recently showed up on the Via Moto Facebook page titled: They're Back! Joe, Albert and Therese are back in Santee. The video features the trio that ran , one of Santee's most loved restaurants, until it . Now they're starting up a new venture in town- Roots Community Kitchen.

Little is said in the video about what kind of food will be served or what else to expect from them, but it has been confirmed that it will be opening in the location Via Moto now inhabits.

The Roots Twitter account features the tagline: "Farm to Table Cuisine in Santee," which gives some indication of what's coming.

"We are going to be opening at the current Via Moto Santee location. The time frame will be nailed down next week since there are many moving parts, and some that we don't have control over," said , one of the three restaurateurs that are keeping a tight lid on the details of the new joint.

This is what they say in the video:

Closing Michael's Grill was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.

At the time we promised we'd be back in just a few short months.

Unfortunately it took longer than we anticipated.

We kept it quiet until we were absolutely sure.

This time around things are going to be a little different, but I think you know what to expect from us.

Good food, good drinks and good friends.

Lets make this official, we're back!

"This is all the info we are giving for now, but I assure you there is more to come!" she said.

A waitress at Via Moto said the restaurant would be closing down in a few weeks for a remodel- new attitude, new name and new food, designed as a "gastropub," which the MacMillan Dictionary defines as "a pub that serves good quality food."

Santee Patch will continue to report as information is released about the new restaurant.

There is a job application located at their website, for those interested.

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