21 Aug 2014
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MTV's 'Made' Hits Santana High

A TV show about helping teens achieve their dreams holds interviews with local students, looking for the show's next star.

MTV's 'Made' Hits Santana High MTV's 'Made' Hits Santana High

What do you dream to do? Supercross, modeling, dancing, singing, wrestling, maybe Disney on Ice?

These thoughts were running through the minds of about 35 students on Tuesday afternoon as they prepared to be interviewed for the MTV television program "Made."

The idea is for a teenager with a budding talent, a dream or even just an activity they've been interested in and meaning to try, to be molded by a professional in that area and to achieve the goal of being "made" into a model or skateboarder or whatever. Of course, a camera crew follows the teenager around during this process.

The classroom that the kids were waiting in was bustling with guitars playing, people practicing singing and some anxious talent waiting to be found. Some students were simply there in support of their friends.

Freshman Brielle Wilkerson was bouncing between dance practice and the Made auditions, waiting her turn to be interviewed about her ice skating talent.

She won at Ice Skating Nationals in August in Freestyle and Interpretive and has dreams of participating in the Olympics in two years, but she said a more practical goal that Made could help her with is her dream of being a part of Disney on Ice, something she's wanted to do for a long time.

She saw posters around campus and had seen Made on TV before, so, being a go-getter, she jumped on the chance.

"It's an opportunity, and I'm going to take it. And, if this doesn't work out, I'll do it somehow else," she said.

Alex, who wants to be made into an R&B singer, was waiting "on deck," quite excited to be interviewed. When he came out he was grinning just as big, and said he would be praying to be picked. Apparently, the interviews will be sent to New York to be reviewed.

Another student said she was the kind of person that just needs a push like this to do something outside of the box.

These auditions have been , with no students chosen for the show, but this is the first time at Santana.

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