Jul 28, 2014

Padre Dam Water District Implements New 10-Year Strategic Plan

See what the plan is for your local water district over the next 10 years.

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Submitted by Padre Dam Water District

With the start of a new fiscal year is rolling out the implementation of a new Strategic Plan for 2012-2022, recently approved by its . The new Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap in guiding Padre Dam toward fulfilling our mission of providing quality water, recycled water, park, recreation and wastewater management services to our community.

The District’s new Strategic Plan takes on the challenge of planning the future for Padre Dam over the next ten years. Much has changed over the last five years due to economic challenges and water sales reductions creating a need to develop a plan based on what Padre Dam defines as the “.”

“Planning is critical as we serve our community and ensure the complex system we have been entrusted with will be maintained and developed for future generations,” comments CEO/General Manager Allen Carlisle.

Padre Dam’s 2012-2022 Strategic Plan presents six strategic goals to address the current and future challenges facing the District and to ensure continued success. It positions Padre Dam to have a positive impact on our service area and ensures the system we have been entrusted with will be maintained and developed for the continued benefit of our customers. The six goals which will drive the activities and initiatives of the plan include:

  • Goal One: Provide Safe and Reliable Water, Recycled Water and Wastewater Services
  • Goal Two: Ensure Fiscal Health and Competitively Sustainable Rates
  • Goal Three: Enhance Customer Communications and Education
  • Goal Four: Increase Water, Wastewater and Energy Independence
  • Goal Five: Maintain Workforce Excellence
  • Goal Six: Expand Park and Recreation Opportunities

For a copy of the full Strategic Plan  click here.

The development of Padre Dam’s 2012-2022 Strategic Plan consisted of a year-long process driven by a 15-member steering committee representing the internal working groups at Padre Dam. This committee solicited information from internal and external stakeholders, including, District employees, Board of Directors, and customers. Each stakeholder group was asked strategic questions to help direct the District down a successful path.

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