Jul 29, 2014

Santana High Participates in the SchoolPool Program

A free ridematching service that can also group together kids that bike and walk to school.

Santana High Participates in the SchoolPool Program

is the only Santee school that takes part in the SchoolPool Program, a free ridematching service for parents that attend the same school in San Diego County.

Lakeview and Riverview Elementary schools in Lakeside also participate.

The program is put on by iCommute, an arm of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). It matches parents with each other in order to facilitate carpooling, and even matches kids that bike or walk to school so they can group together.

SANDAG promotes it as a "safe, convenient way to get your kids to school while saving time and money on gas, encouraging healthier, active lifestyles, and reducing congestion."

Congestion around school zones and student attendence and timeliness improve with carpooling, according to SANDAG.

A free bike helmet or baseball cap is available for kids who sign up to use SchoolPool to successfully find bike or walking buddies, and backpacks with reflective tape are available to all participants.

Go here for more info on the program.

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