Jul 28, 2014

Track Santa to See When He’ll Be in Santee

NORAD’s radars can follow Santa as he and his reindeer make their rounds.

Christmas Eve has arrived and that means Santa is finally on his way—in fact he’s already begun his journey around the globe. You can see where he is right now using NORAD’s Santa Tracker, which has followed his path for decades.

While his route can change due to weather, NORAD is in contact with Santa’s launch staff so they know when to monitor their radars for his flight.

You can see Santa’s route this year on the Santa Tracker website, or send an email to noradtrackssanta@outlook.com to receive a reply detailing his latest location. To speak with NORAD directly, the Santa Tracker Operations Center is open on Christmas Eve and can be reached at (877) HI-NORAD.

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