15 Sep 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by leeleela

Dinosaur Loose in Sherman Oaks?

Drivers may be startled when seeing this sight near the Galleria.

Is that a tail I'm seeing? 

Yeah, anyone driving in the early afternoon in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday may have spotted this unusal scene. A long dinosaur tail was wagging out of the back of a truck.

Going west on Ventura Boulevard, what looked like a tiny T-Rex seemed to be headed for a film shoot.

A special effects house in Sherman Oaks suggested that it may have been a dinosaur from the Los Angeles Natural History Museum on its way to getting some much-needed touch up and repair.

There were no markings on the truck that was carrying it, and no dinosaurs are reported missing. And it looked like the beast remained on the truck.

Did you see the dinosaur?

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