20 Aug 2014
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Dogs and Men Have Some Things in Common

Pet Columnist talks about explaining to dogs and men what kind of behavior is acceptable.

Dogs and Men Have Some Things in Common

 Please don't get the wrong idea, but there are lots of ways that men are sort of like, well, dogs! 

Here's what I mean: like dogs, men WANT to be our Knights in Shining Armor, don't they?

Think about it. They want to provide for us. They want us to be happy. They just don't know how to go about it.

Of course, men don't have crystal balls...opps! I mean a crystal ball. As much as we might wish it, men cannot read our minds, we have to sort of lead them in the direction we want them to go.

Dogs are the same way. It is up to us to explain to our dogs in a language that they will understand what is expected of them.  Of  course,we need to learn our dog's language: the language of the pack.

Being pack animals, dogs want someone to be the leader of the pack. If someone doesn't take on that leadership role, they will reluctantly do it because in the dog's head SOMEONE has to do it.

By making sure your dog knows that you are the leader he is looking for, and what kind of behavior is expected, you can prevent him from acting out.

 Remember, our world is a big scary place for dogs, they will act out of frustration by pulling on the leash, barking inappropriately, taking a bite out of the couch, or whatever unique way your pet has of " acting out" their own frustration.

Once they know what is expected of them they will happily play and stay within the boundaries that you set for them.

The same thing is true with men. if you were to say to a man, "I hate it when do do that," and you add, "you know what would really make me happy," and then explain whatever that is; you'll find that they will provide that kind of behavior.

If men and dogs know how to make you happy and they love you, they will provide.







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