Jul 28, 2014

Woman Finds Dead Baby Bobcat in Her Back Yard

A La Canada resident contacted Patch about finding a dead bobcat in her back yard on Sunday. California Fish and Game officials are unsure about what killed the animal.

Woman Finds Dead Baby Bobcat in Her Back Yard

A La Canada Flintridge resident told Patch that she found a dead, small bobcat in her back yard on Sunday and authorities are uncertain what animal may have killed it.

Karen Ondrejcka contacted the California Department of Fish and Game to report the sighting in the 5100 Block of Alta Canyada Road. 

She called sheriff's deputies at the Crescenta Valley Station who asked her to contact animal control, Ondrejcka told Patch via email. 

Andrew Hughan from the California Department of Fish and Game confirmed the animal is a bobcat.

It's unclear how the animal died, although it appears to have a wound at its neck.

"[It] could have been killed by an other bobcat, dog or even a large house cat," Hughan told Patch via email. 

These wild cats are not endangered in the state of California, according to Cindy Reyes, Executive Director of California Wildlife Center. 

"Bobcats are not commonly seen. I think people see them periodically. Most of the time people talk about seeing coyotes in their back yards, not bobcats," Reyes told Patch.

People in Los Angeles County are more familiar with howling coyotes in the foothills, Reyes said. 

Researchers discovered that local bobcats often fall prey to other animals after consuming rats and mice, she said. 

"People put out rat bait, the rat or mice eat it, then bobcats eat them," Reyes said. 

Coyotes and owls are also threatened by secondary toxicity when they eat poison prey, Reyes said. 

Rodenticides can also harm pets, according to fish and game officials. 

The animal could be examined to find the cause of death, Reyes added. 

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