Jul 30, 2014
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Amazon To Open Online Wine Shop

Insiders suggest it's less than a month before a multi-winery portal appears, according to Sonoma's "Wine Industry Insight."

Amazon To Open Online Wine Shop

Will you be able to 1-Click Shop for a case of chardonnay? That's the question posed by a recent move by Amazon.com to get into the wine shipping business.

As reported in Wine Industry Insight the giant online retailer has kludged together an alliance among a domestic wineries to take part in the launch of the Amazon Marketplace for wine initiative sometime in the next month.

Indeed, Napa and Sonoma County vintners who attended meetings this week are non-communicative because of non-disclosure agreements they had to agree to in order to be part of the new Amazon Marketplace for wine.

Similar to the existing third-party marketplace for other products (sold and shipped by some 2 million independent vendors) Seattle-area sources tell WII that Amazon wants to have the system for Napa and Sonoma up and running in the next four weeks.

Lewis Purdue, editor and publisher of Sonoma's Wine Industry Insight, correctly called the collapse of Crushpad in an earlier edition this summer.

The news for vinters? A $39.99 monthly fee, plus 15 % to Amazon. The news for consumers? One-Click Shopping for a case of Chard.

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